Trout Fishing

  • The Holsloot River flows through the picturesque Stettynskloof Valley and it is cupped by mountains which provide a breathtaking backdrop to one of the most highly regarded dry fly venues in the country. Its clarity and free rising rainbow trout create memories that endure long after you have left for home.

  • The dam at the head of the valley, that supplies the nearby town of Worcester with its water, creates a tailwater fishery, ensuring a constant supply of cool water in the Cape’s hot, dry summers when other rivers in the area become too warm for trout fishing.

  • Dwarsberg, situated in the heart of the region’s wine country, offers tranquility in spectacular surroundings. The Holsloot River rewards delicacy in approach, tackle and tactics – the most poetic form of fly fishing.

Les Morison

“We kitted up and headed for the river. Outside, the astonishing scale of the mountains which cup the valley through which the Holsloot meanders took my breath away.
Les Morison, PISCATOR, Journal of the Cape Piscatorial Society, November 1999

Tom Sutcliffe

“The Holsloot is our only tailwater fishery. When the weather’s really hot and dry here in the Cape, say from mid-January to the end of February, you can bet on the Holsloot being that degree cooler than most other rivers, and with more flow. Some stretches where the riverbed is studded with waving, emerald-green water grass, the trout sitting tightly between the tufts, will remind you of an English chalkstream.
“From “Cape crusade” by Tom Sutcliffe in the December 2005 issue of the British magazine, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying.